Got Mïłk?

This blog is here to help you decide what kind of milk is best to have with our hot chocolate milk.

As you’ve probably gathered by now we are a vegan/ plant based company. Our products were designed & tested to be used with plant milks, however we’ve had a lot of feedback that they work great with cows milk too, but it’s not really what we are about, so here is our plant milk advice…..

Almond Milk

This came up tops on all of our taste tests. We get told a lot our hot chocolate is not too sweet, which a lot of people love, but if that’s not you then sweetened almond milk perfectly balances the mix.

Rice Milk

We love that rice milk doesn’t bring much flavour with it, so you can really taste the chocolate, but we found most made the hot chocolate a little too thin.

Coconut Milk

If you want to add the coconut flavour this was delicious. Coconut, chocolaty and yummy.

Hemp Milk

We found this was a good consistency, but didn’t compliment the chocolate well at all!

Oat Milk

Oat milk was the perfect thick consistency, but dulled the chocolate a little and didn’t provide the sweetness of the Almond milk.

Oat Cream

We have started using oat cream for a super thick almost pudding like drink. Add a tiny bit more powder for that ultimately luxurious drink.

Perfecting Your Hot Chocolate

This is something we have been working on for years!

So we are letting you in on the secret and are now sharing our best tips with you for the best hot chocolate moments.

  1. Always simmer your milk, never boil, as it burns the flavours.
  2. Whisk gently while simmering to get a nice foam.
  3. Share it with your favourite people.
  4. Drink it outside or by a fire (or both).
  5. Top it off with cream and a dusting of powder.

Hot Chocolate and the Northern Lights

Hot Chocolate is the perfect companion for watching northern lights. Northern lights are caused by solar storms colliding with the atmosphere.

They can occur at any time, but we can only see them:

-at high latitudes

-when it’s dark

-when the sky’s are clear.

This is why we see them in Iceland in the winter and watching them is associated with being very cold. This is why many people take a flask of their favourite cocoa with them to keep them warm while viewing this beautiful phenomenon.

A very quick history of hot chocolate.

As far back as 500BC Mayans where drinking cocoa with corn meal and chilli. Around the 1400s Aztecs believed that cocoa drinks were powerful and was given to fuel armies. In the 1500s Spanish conquerers discovered the cocoa drink and took it to Europe where chilli was swapped for sugar to match the European taste. In the 1700s hot chocolate spread across Europe and the chocolatiers and chocolate houses became the latest trend. In the 1800s solid chocolate was invented, but the hot drink was still popular and being used as an energy drink to cure tiredness or hangovers. In the 1900s instant hot chocolate was created making the drink more globally accessible at any time. Today hot chocolate is embracing all its heritage and enjoyed globally in a range of ways and places for health & comfort.