A tour of Snæfellsnes: the peninsula of beauty.

We took a day trip from Reykjavík to the devastatingly beautiful Snæfellsnes peninsula and we wanted to share it with you. We went with Christina from Nice Travel (not sponsored).

Snæfellsnes is about 2 hours drive north from Reykjavík and is really worth the journey. Right now there very few international tourists in Iceland due to covid travel restrictions, though Snaefellsnes is usually always much quieter than the south coast anyway.

Driving through Hvalfjöður ( Whale fjord) on the way to Snæfellsnes.

A great thing about Snæfellsnes is you can travel from south to north or north to south, so you can really plan your day around where the weather is best.

The weather in Iceland changes so much throughout the day, so when you visit make sure you are keeping an eye of the local weather. It’s really important not to look at just precipitation, but the wind too. The wind can get uncomfortably or dangerously strong quite often.

Today’s forecast: Even though it’s April there is still a lot of snow and ice around with winter like conditions. Today the weather is looking calmer and dryer on the south for the morning, so we plan the trip south to north and prepare to drive carefully.

We first headed from Borganes to Ytri Tunga golden Sandy beach first where saw some wild seals.

A top tip for travelling in Iceland, whatever time of year it is, is to always bring lots of layers and wet weather gear as the weather changes so dramatically. The locals will always remind you – ‘There is not such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’

Next we stopped at Búðakirkja the gothic historic black church and Bjarnafoss; the beautiful waterfall opposite.

We do really love the independence of exploring ourselves, but you get so much out of a tour (especially when exploring new places!). Our guide today Christina shared so many stories and so much information about Icelandic culture, history and nature.

Then onto Arnarstapi fishing village to see the stunning basalt cliffs, arches and beautiful harbour.

Fun fact: Snaefellsnes community has EarthCheck certification for their commitments the sustainable tourism management.

After we jumped out the car to visit the rock formations Longdrangar and to see a stunning view of Snæfellsjökul; the peninsulas’ glacier.

From Longdranger we went to Djupalonssandur; a black sand beach. On the beach there are huge rocks or lifting stones fishermen used to determine who was strong enough to work out at sea. On the beach is also a very broken up ship wreck.

Kirkufell was our last stop. Kirkufell is famous for being the Arrow Headed mountain from Game of Thrones. So as it was our final stop we took the time to take a seat and enjoy our grumpy whale hot chocolate.

We were super lucky with the weather and really enjoyed driving through the dazzling scenery to get to our stops. Although we could not access a few spots because of deep snow and a few places were shut due to low tourist numbers, we will visit again soon to share a few more of our favourite Snæfellsnes spots.

Takk Fyrir Christina!

Icelandic Volcano: The fire to melt our ice.

Around 30 km from the capital city of Iceland Reykjavík (our home), on the 19th of March 2021, a volcanic eruption occured. This eruption is very exciting as it is quite accesible and safe compared to other modern eruptions in Iceland. So we being a company with adventure at our core we have of course been to visit. So far we have hiked once during the day, once at night and got a chance to fly over too!

Got Mïłk?

This blog is here to help you decide what kind of milk is best to have with our hot chocolate Original.

As you’ve probably gathered by now we are a vegan/ plant based company. Our products were designed & tested to be used with plant milks, however we’ve had a lot of feedback that they work great with cows milk too, but it’s not really what we are about, so here is our plant milk advice…..

Almond Milk

This came up tops on all of our taste tests. We get told a lot our hot chocolate is not too sweet, which a lot of people love, but if that’s not you then sweetened almond milk perfectly balances the mix.

Rice Milk

We love that rice milk doesn’t bring much flavour with it, so you can really taste the chocolate, but we found most made the hot chocolate a little too thin.

Coconut Milk

If you want to add the coconut flavour this was delicious. Coconut, chocolaty and yummy.

Hemp Milk

We found this was a good consistency, but didn’t compliment the chocolate well at all!

Oat Milk

Oat milk was the perfect thick consistency, but dulled the chocolate a little and didn’t provide the sweetness of the Almond milk.

Oat Cream

We have started using oat cream for a super thick almost pudding like drink. Add a tiny bit more powder for that ultimately luxurious drink.

Perfecting Your Hot Chocolate

This is something we have been working on for years!

So we are letting you in on the secret and are now sharing our best tips with you for the best hot chocolate moments.

  1. Always simmer your milk, never boil, as it burns the flavours.
  2. Whisk gently while simmering to get a nice foam.
  3. Share it with your favourite people.
  4. Drink it outside or by a fire (or both).
  5. Top it off with cream and a dusting of powder.