We are animal product free!

Our products contain zero animal products and are completely dairy free. This means they are suitable for lactose intolerant people, lactose free people, vegetarians, vegans and those living plant based!

Our products contain soya and coconut as cows milk substitutes. We still make sure our products have that deliciously chocolatey creamy flavour and texture.

Did you know Hot Chocolate was originally made without dairy products?

Hot chocolate has been traced back to Mayan culture 1500bc where cocoa beans were crushed with chill and cornmeal to produce a drink that was so good it was worshipped.

Our products & how to make them…

Luxury hot chocolate designed, made and inspired by Iceland.

We have two products Original and Adventure:

Original to add to the hot milk.

We recommend you stir two generous tsp of your LUXURY ICELANDIC DRINKING CHOCOLATE to 180ml of your favourite hot milk, simmer in a pan until it thickens slightly & enjoy!

We recommend oat or almond milk as it compliments the mix so nicely.

Adventure to add to hot water.

Add 180ml of hot water to 3 tsp of the ICELANDIC ADVENTURE DRINKING CHOCOLATE for a taste of luxury anywhere.

It’s perfect to pop in a flask in the morning and it’ll be nice and thick for when you need it.

Both products are designed to be vegan. We describe them as ‘plant based’ on our label as we produce them in a communal catering kitchen (Eldstæðið) where none vegan products are used and produced, so we can never 100% guarantee zero cross contamination. We aim to be an ethical company always.

Hot Chocolate and the Northern Lights

Hot Chocolate is the perfect companion for watching northern lights. Northern lights are caused by solar storms colliding with the atmosphere.

They can occur at any time, but we can only see them:

-at high latitudes

-when it’s dark

-when the sky’s are clear.

This is why we see them in Iceland in the winter and watching them is associated with being very cold. This is why many people take a flask of their favourite cocoa with them to keep them warm while viewing this beautiful phenomenon.

Check out this epic travel inspiration on Netflix!

There’s nothing I love more than sitting down after a hard day adventuring than watching other people’s adventuring.  Here are the last six I enjoyed *cough* binged…..

  • Jack Whitehall: Travels with my father- A travel documentary and really funny show highlighting different generations’ travel styles.
  • Dark Tourism- A documentary on macabre travel attractions and destinations. I found it fascinating and weird.
  • Expedition Happiness- A couple and their dog travel across North America in a converted school bus in search of adventure and happiness on the road.
  • Wild-  A film based on Cheryl Strayed’s 2012 memoir ‘Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail’ about a woman solo hiking. This film is beautiful and has a great soundtrack.
  • Planet Earth 1 & 2- Attenborough really speaks from himself. This is a true wonder.
  • National Park Adventures- An adventure journey through USA National Parks. Featuring the incredible Rachel Pohl.

Our Top 5 ways to responsibly use water while travelling.

With the impact of Climate Change ever increasing water shortages and management are becoming an increasing issue. This is especially true for developing countries that have less infrastructure and are disproportionately in arid countries. Poor management of water consumption and grey water can lead to water scarcity and pollution of the ocean and water sources.

Here are some ways you can make a difference:

  1. Choose accommodation wisely: hotels have the power to reduce their water consumption dramatically and filter their grey water correctly.
  2. Use a water filter and use local taps.
  3. Take shorter showers and share showers 😉
  4. Only wash/ send your laundry, towels and clothes to be done only when needed. 
  5. Use eco friendly products when washing yourself and clothes to avoid nasty chemicals entering the water sources and ocean.