Posts from December 2, 2023

Christmas tree with a crocheted santa hat, upcycled whale bauble christmas decoration ornaments and fairy lights.

Design and Make Your Own Whale Decorations Using Recycled Materials

Last weekend we held an event at the Whales of Iceland Whale Museum making your own upcycled[…]

Introducing Icelands Responsible Tourism Pledge

Embark on a transformative journey in Iceland by starting by taking the Inspired by Icelands Responsible Tourism[…]

Can You Be Eco-Friendly While Flying?

A Guide to Staying Sustainable and Cosy while Flying Habits Embarking on a journey by air can[…]

Sustainable Adventures: 10 Essential Items for Eco Travellers Packing List

If you are always on the move you can easily integrate sustainability into your adventures to not[…]

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