Keeping the Travel Vibe Under Lockdown: A Wanderers Guide Living with Covid Restrictions

As the world navigates the uncertainties of 2020 and travel remains restricted, many of us with a deep love for exploration find ourselves yearning for the open road and distant horizons. In the face of these challenges, my household, filled with fellow travel enthusiasts, has discovered innovative ways to keep the travel vibe alive during these times of Covid restrictions. Here are some of our favorite activities that have transformed our living space into a hub of adventure and relaxation.

1. Travel Man: A Mini Escape from Reality
Embracing the power of virtual travel, my brother introduced us to Richard Ayoade’s ‘Travel Man.’ This captivating series of short travel shows, featuring Richard and a guest comedian, has become a daily ritual for us. Through laughter and exploration, we’ve added unexpected destinations to our travel bucket lists, turning our sofas into portals to new places.

2. Indoor Glamping: Bringing the Outdoors In
Recreating the camping experience within the confines of our living room has been a delightful escape. Setting up a tent, adorning it with fairy lights, blankets, and cushions, we’ve turned our space into a cozy glamping haven. To complete the experience, we indulge in a camp-style meal; our favorite being veggie hot dogs paired with chocolate banana treats – a camping classic with a twist.

3. DIY Spa Weekend: Luxury at Home
Missing the luxury of spa getaways, we decided to bring the spa to us. Our DIY spa weekend involves pampering sessions with homemade facemasks, body scrubs, and DIY pedicures. Drawing inspiration from resources like Tree Hugger, we’ve discovered the joy of creating treatments from everyday items, turning our home into a sanctuary of relaxation and self-care.

4. Active Escapes: Embracing Outdoor Adventures
Recognizing the importance of staying active on holiday, we’ve taken to cycling, long walks, and running – all in adherence to local guidelines and restrictions. This not only brings us joy but also serves as a treat, considering our usual ‘normal’ lives rarely allow for such shared activities. Together, we’ve set personal records in running, preparing ourselves for future adventures in the sea and mountains once lockdown eases.

In a year where travel plans are put on hold, finding solace and joy within our homes has become a priority. These activities have not only filled our days with excitement but also strengthened our connection as a household. While the road to unrestricted travel may be uncertain, the journey within our homes has proven to be a rewarding adventure in itself. So, until we can embark on physical journeys again, let’s continue exploring the possibilities within our own four walls.

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