Our products & how to make them…

Luxury hot chocolate designed, made and inspired by Iceland.

We have two products Original and Adventure:

Original to add to the hot milk.

We recommend you stir two generous tsp of your LUXURY ICELANDIC DRINKING CHOCOLATE to 180ml of your favourite hot milk, simmer in a pan until it thickens slightly & enjoy!

We recommend oat or almond milk as it compliments the mix so nicely.

Adventure to add to hot water.

Add 180ml of hot water to 3 tsp of the ICELANDIC ADVENTURE DRINKING CHOCOLATE for a taste of luxury anywhere.

It’s perfect to pop in a flask in the morning and it’ll be nice and thick for when you need it.

Both products are designed to be vegan. We describe them as ‘plant based’ on our label as we produce them in a communal catering kitchen (Eldstæðið) where none vegan products are used and produced, so we can never 100% guarantee zero cross contamination. We aim to be an ethical company always.