The Eerie Iceland Podcast: Episode 19 The Grumpy Whale

We are so excited to announce that Eerie Iceland invited us on their thrilling and captivating podcast, which discusses all things Icelandic folklore and ghosts stories, with the amazing hosts Ann and Vanessa. Our founder Becca was excited to get the chance to join them to tell the tale of the old Icelandic folklore which inspired our name and our very own children’s book. This folklore is the tale of Rauðhorði, which translates read headed in English. Like many old stories the origins are a little darker than our modern version of this grumpy whale.

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The Grumpy Whale Eerie Iceland episode is available to stream now here on Spotify. Tune in to hear the full fascinating story behind our name and how it inspired and shaped our children’s book.

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If you would like to know more about the folk story behind our name and you have already listened to our episode you can find so many other great stories on other Eerie Iceland episodes. You can also find out more information and see all our sources from our research here.

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We hope you enjoy the episode and the story that has been a source of inspiration for us. Happy listening!

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